Ramos Lopez Fund

The Ramos Lopez Fund Inspired by Childhood Examples of Goodwill
Ferney Lopez and Geovanna Ramos, inspired by his father and her mother, want to give a helping hand to those in need.

Ferney's father was a generous man: on trips to Colombia to visit family, he would always arrive with suitcases stuffed with food for the hungry in the surrounding villages. And among Geovanna's earliest memories are those of her mother teaching her to be an instrument of love in the world.

These examples of benevolence remained with Ferney and Geovanna into adulthood. By establishing the Ramos Lopez Fund, the couple hopes to memorialize their parents' example: to have a large impact by showing a little kindness. In Ferney's own words, "Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their life; that's why my wife and I started this fund."